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[Bann Valley] Henderson family from the Tobermore area of Ireland


   This is my first posting to the message boards.  My name is Willa DeHart and I am currently searching for information on my grandmother and her family  from the Tobermore area.  My grandmother Margaret Henderson came to the USA around 1909.  She was, I believe, born in County Derry.  From the limited information that I have, I think her father was a George Henderson.  I do have a few newspaper articles regarding the deaths of a Mr. R. G. Henderson, a Mr. James Henderson, J.P., and a Mrs. Robert McKee.  From the articles as well as graveyard inscriptions that I found on line, I believe all 3 of these people are buried in the Tobermore Presbyterian Church graveyard.  I also believe that they are related to me in some way. 

   My grandmother was born July 13, 1886 in Ireland and died Feb. 9, 1954 here in Pennsylvania.  She married James S. Patton here in the USA. 

   I would appreciate any information that any of you might have. 

                         Thank you, 

                           Willa DeHart