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[Bann Valley] Oneill/Neilly

Why do you allways find details of the siblings & not the one you are looking for

suppose thats Family History

per Kilrea First Pres Church records Baptisims

found 6 children for Theophilus Oneill & Margaret Neilly
born between 1835 & 1846 mostly of Dromaine

but not my gtgtgrandmother Jane Oneill born app 1833- unable to find birth/bapt

also unable to find her parents marriage Theophilus & Margaret

also poss that 1 of her siblings went to USA , died & left her some money about 1911 inheritance came about by an advert in the News of the World looking for claiments
via a Solicitor in USA, no other details, just a family story.

any ideas

many thanks

Alan Hillier

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