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Re: [Bann Valley] Hendersons & Scots

Hello Bill, 
Yes, I think there is an Ulster DNA project...check out FamilyTreeDNA.com and see what you can find or do a Google search on "Ulster DNA". I believe I saw something last year when I began my Sewright DNA project. 

I know you have a lot to research, but has your researcher at PRONI had any luck with looking at land documents in the Registry of Deeds? I am still working on my abstract of the numerous documents that I found in PRONI last October on my McCullough and Seawright lines in Ballymacombs and Ballynease townlands. These are all leases and renewals of leases that have given me the lineage on two McCullough lines back to 1734; one exception to the documents was a transcript of marriage articles for 1769 and registered in 1784 (likely because the "groom" probably died at that time). There's a lot that can be gleaned from the land registers--I've found that they've tipped the weight on my "pronderance of evidence" in proving my Northern Ireland lines. 

Good luck with your searches! 

~Linda S.