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[Bann Valley] The Moore and Kennedy Families of the Bann Valley

Hello, this is my first post. I am related to the Moore family and had the benefit of some oral history from my mother and also the book "North Antrim Families" so have got a good way with the Moores. One gap is the lack of information on the link to Torrens. Thomas Moore married Jane Torrens in 1872 at Ballymoney but I have not further information on her. I assume she was at Greenshields but would like to hear more. Also, apart from the son, James Moore (who married his cousin Rachel), there is mention of a Margaret Toland Moore who seems to have dies fairly young in 1905. Is this correct?

The second part is the link to the Kennedys. A sister of Thomas, Margaret Moore married Patrick Kennedy in 1867. They had 3 children, Robert, James and Sarah (my grandmother). I believe Patrick was one of 3 brothers, Robert Alexander (of Killagan) and James who both had big families but have not managed to find out anything more about their parents. Information, guidance gratefully received. Robin Mann

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