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Re: [Bann Valley] The Moore and Kennedy Families of the Bann Valley

Robin, Ive just read your very interesting email, there is so much in it I dont know where to start. I live outside Ballymoney and you mentioned "Greensheilds" which is a Townland about 1 Mile East of Ballymoney Town, It lies between the Kirk Road and the Kilraghts rd near the village of Dunaghy. I know it well as my Ancestors farmed there. From what I know there are various Torrens Famillies in that area and I still havent found out if they are connected to any other Famillies around Co Antrim or Co Londonderry. My G,Grandfather James Gilmore Torrens sold his farm at Culneman, Moneydig, Co Londonderry in 1893 and he purchased a farm at Carnany, Dunaghy, Ballymoney. In 1913 an Old man by the surname of Nevin aproached my G,Grandfather that he would sell him his farm as he had no family and didnt want it going to someone less desirable. I dont know what the total amount of Acres there was on this farm but my G,Granpa purchased 28 Acres of it for £300. It was a man Moore who is aledged to have bought the other half of this farm at Greensheilds. Anyhow, My G,Grandpa planted most of the farm in corn and the next year when the Outbreak of WW1 the price of corn went through the roof and and G,Granpa made £250 from the corn which payed off most of the farm. My Grandfather sold the farm to his wifes side of the family The Camerons and they farmed there until recently.

To answer your question I was never aware of any other Torrenses living about Greensheilds prior to when my G,Granpa was there, Do you have any information that there were Torrenses living there ?? I know there were a Torrens Family at Craigatempin and Ballyboylands, Kilraghts. I have a Marraige in 1846 Ballymoney Reg. Office of a Margaret Torrens, Kilraghts, daughter of John Torrens to Simpson Trolland, Weaver of Culramoney, son of Robert Trolland, Weaver.
Witness was William Trolland, and Samuel Torrens.
I find this interesting as my late fathers cousin Jim Torrens lives near these areas at Farrenlizerry, and there were Moores beside him and he is now in his late 80s but has a fantastic memory and enjoys talking about the Old Famillies in the area.

I have noticed that the Jane Torrens you mentioned to Thomas Moore was married in Ballymoney Reformed Presbyterian. I know in the 1901 Census there was two unmarried Sisters Martha and Rachel Torrens who were in their 30s were Reformed Presbyterians and I assume it was their brother William who was living at Carnany aged 50 a Carpenter. I think this William Torrens was the same stock as a John Torrens who had a family at Ballyboylands and he too was Reformed Presbyterian. I know this all does not prove anything but it helps.

Anyhow, I will check over my notes on some of these famillies, I cant promise to respond quickly as I have so much going on at the minute for the next few weeks but please feel free to keep me posted. I hope this is usefull to you in the meantime.

Best Wishes,


R Mann wrote:
Hello, this is my first post. I am related to the Moore family and had the benefit of some oral history from my mother and also the book "North Antrim Families" so have got a good way with the Moores. One gap is the lack of information on the link to Torrens. Thomas Moore married Jane Torrens in 1872 at Ballymoney but I have not further information on her. I assume she was at Greenshields but would like to hear more. Also, apart from the son, James Moore (who married his cousin Rachel), there is mention of a Margaret Toland Moore who seems to have dies fairly young in 1905. Is this correct?

The second part is the link to the Kennedys. A sister of Thomas, Margaret Moore married Patrick Kennedy in 1867. They had 3 children, Robert, James and Sarah (my grandmother). I believe Patrick was one of 3 brothers, Robert Alexander (of Killagan) and James who both had big families but have not managed to find out anything more about their parents. Information, guidance gratefully received.
Robin Mann

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