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[Bann Valley] John McCurley/Rose Fleming

Hello, I'm new to this list.

My maternal great grandparents, John McCurley and Rose Fleming, were married
at Kilrea, Ballymoney in Derry on 12 May 1869; according to the marriage
certificate, he resided at Drumdara and she at Boveedy in the parish of
Tamlaght O¹Crilly.  However, Drumdara cannot be found and it is thought that
he lived at Drumsara, now named Drumsaragh, which is next to Craigall Rocks
the location of the quarry.  They were married at the catholic church.

The family was living at Craigall, in the pariah of Desertoghill, at the
birth of the first four children and relocated to England between 1879 and
1882.  According to their ages at subsequent UK census returns, John and
Rose were born in 1850 and 1851 respectively.  According to their marriage
certificate, John's father was also named John (a labourer) and Rose's
father, Thomas (a labourer).

According to the Church of Latter Day Saints International Genealogical
Index (IGI), a  John McCurley was born at Ballyclare*, County Antrim, 19
December, 1850.  His father was William John McCurley and mother Ellen
Isabella Orr who, according to the IGI, were married about 1847 at
Ballyclare, Kilbride.  The IGI also claims that William John McCurley was
born at Ballyclare, around 1822.  The weak element here is that the names,
particularly of the mother, would suggest that this was a Protestant family.
However, John McCurley's grandchildren, did indicate that their grandfather
had described himself as Scots Irish, an expression more likely to have been
used by an Irish Protestant than an Irish Catholic.

Any information regarding the origins of John McCurley or Rose Fleming would
be very much appreciated, together with any observations on the above.

Incidentally, in case anyone is interested, two of John and Rose's
daughters, Rose and Alice, emigrated to the USA from England during the
1890s and I have their migration details.

Best regards
Andrew Wood
Stockton on Tees  

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