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Re: [Bann Valley] "THE VOW" area ~ Cooney Family

Dear Mr. Cooney,
   The Townland of Vow is in the Parish of Finvoy and  
Electoral Division is "The Vow"  It has been a while, but wasn't it 
the Torrens website that had wonderful maps with colored dots to represent
early churches according to RC, Presby and CofI?  That would have been 
when the site was something like 4QD ~ before the change.  They were 
absolutely the best information. Maybe someone can pin point those maps? 

  My knowledge is limited, but Kilrea and Drumreagh are locations near
"The Vow" and have early Catholic and Presbyterian Churches. You might 
have good results under those townnames. I think Kilrea is actually in
Derry. Kirkinriola and Rasharkin might have clues.
  Other help might be  
 Google Search: 
 Co. Antrim, Finvoy "The Vow" 1800  The first 4-5 cites look helpful. 
 Co. Antrim, Finvoy "The Vow "Catholic Curch" 1800  Three cites
 1.  The Ballymoney Ancestry.com has historical maps and various lists
which may help you.
 A Google search, using the key words "The vow", Catholic church, Antrim
 brought up what appeared to be theology  
 2.  Search using Finvoy "Catholic churches"1800 brought up a title called 
Church of Ireland Parishes. That cite is
There is a lot of information, but did not see the answer you are seeking. 
 3. http://family.kiwicelts.com has a contents page that listed 
County Antrim Roman Catholic Parishes. Letters are too small for me to read,
but knowing that The Vow was s short area next to the Bann River. The Bann may
the boundary between Derry and Antrim.
   QUESTION: Is it possible that records of Catholic Churchs in Cumberland 
would have information about a new transfer into its parishes?  My idea is 
that churches kept such information as note on church records.  
   COMMENT:  If I remember correctly the industrial revolution started in 
early 1800s. Lanarkshire had coal mines and railways would have been needed.
Railways need constant repair. Ayrshire seemed to be a hub. Was Glasgow part
of the shipping network? Laborers would have followed work.
  I wish I could have given you an exact answer. Don't forget to scan down pages 
at these cites. You never can tell what will help.

   Best regards, 

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