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[Bann Valley] Cooney Family

Thanks for your reply. This might be the crucial piece of information; we shall see! I have a correction to make: Bridget Harrington was born around 1819 and was 10-12 younger than Lawrence. This opens the possibility, to me, that there might have been earlier children and/or spouses deceased, considering the dates. I read that the potato famine was between 1845-1850; I wonder wether it was devastating in all counties?

Cheers, John

I cannot help directly with your ancestors but I have found an Edward Maurice Cooney who married Mary McAloney in Garvagh Roman Catholic Church on
14 Jan 1868. Garvagh is in the civil parish of Errigal in the District of
Coleraine in Co Londonderry. The village of Vow in slightly to the North of
Garvagh and on the other side of the River Bann. It is in the parish of
Finvoy in the district of Ballymoney. I am sure someone from the Bann Valley
Group will supply more information, they were very helpful with a query
which I had.

Morrison Stewart

How do you do! Greetings from Australia.

I recently discovered from a marriage certificate that my Great Grandfather,
John Cooney, was born at Vow in 1853. His parents were Lawrence Cooney
b.1806 and Bridget Harrington b.1807. The family later migrated to England,
and appear in the 1861 Census at Netherby, Cumberland, where Lawrence was a
railway labourer. Since there are no records of Irish emigration to England,
this is the only clue I have as to where the family came from. They might
have been itinerant workers for some landowner in the area, or have some
longer attachment to the place, or just passing through; I don't know. Any
clues would be appreciated; I would particularly like to know which
'Catholic' parish Vow would have been in, and where John might have been
baptized, and where any record might be kept.

Cheers, John

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