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RE: [Bann Valley] Cooney Family


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If you don't know where something is, then you don't know where it isn't.
Scan down to Cooney

2.  The Vow is a small area where the land was better farming than rocky soil 
and bogs around it.  If this helps, Eden is next to the Bann River and is in The Vow.
The following gives map area specifics in a list of townlands in that area. I seem to
remember seeing VOW listed as a townland in something and it confused me. There are
other towns in Ireland that start out with Eden as the first part. See if this list helps.

  This is not easy to do long distance and we are so lucky to have help.

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Hi John,

We have no censuses in Ireland before 1900 but we do have two census
substitutes.  One is the Griffiths Valuation which shows the head of every
household in the early 1850s.  Your Cooneys are NOT in The Vow, which I
would have expected them to be, and nor are they in Finvoy Parish:
 Cochrane         Samuel            Tullaghans
Finvoy     Antrim
Colgan           James             Artnagross
Finvoy     Antrim
Colgan           John              Artnagross
Finvoy     Antrim
Collins          Neal              Dunloy
Finvoy     Antrim
Conan            George            Ballytunn
Finvoy     Antrim
Connan           John              Knockans
Finvoy     Antrim
Connell          John              Slievenaghy
Finvoy     Antrim
Connor           John              Unshinagh
Finvoy     Antrim
Cooper           Daniel            Drumlee
Finvoy     Antrim
Cooper           William           Carrowreagh
Finvoy     Antrim
Cotton           John              Ballytunn
Finvoy     Antrim
Coulter          Hugh              Artnagross
Finvoy     Antrim
Coulter          Hugh              Vow
Finvoy     Antrim
Coulters         Samuel            Caldanagh
Finvoy     Antrim

You can check for yourself here:
... And here:

Btw, I know The Vow reasonably well as the Hugh Coulter above is my great
great grandfather.

The other census substitute dates from the lat 1820s and early 1830s and is
called The Tithe Applotment Books but it does not include EVERY head of
household and so is less useful.  As far as I know, it is not online.
However, you willneed to obtain it and check it for your people.

This is the new Bann Valley Site mentioned by others:

Let me know if I can be of any more help.


Boyd Gray


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How do you do! Greetings from Australia.

I recently discovered from a marriage certificate that my Great Grandfather,
John Cooney, was born at Vow in 1853.

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