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[Bann Valley] Brown of Trinaltinagh, Garvagh

Anyone interested in this family, who are listed in the 1796 Garvagh Visitation list? the son John Brown listed is the future minister of Aghadowey, who was minister for nearly 60 years from 1813-73. His brother Solomon was also a minister. I wonder if this family descend from a Solomon Brown listed in Kilrea Protestant Householders in 1740? I am interested to know if anyone has information about their connection to Cornet Brown who died in action in the siege of Derry, and they are also said to be connected to Browns of Ballymena who were millionaire merchants in Liverpool and New York.

I'm interested because I am beginning to wonder if my ancestor Robert Brown, who moved to a farm in Bovagh about 1835, could be another brother in this family; his age would be ok. No proof possible at the moment, I'm just intrigued

Robert Brown's daughters (possibly 11of them!) married into local families; think what that does to the network of local relationships

Linde Lunney

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