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Re: [Bann Valley] Brown of Trinaltinagh, Garvagh

Thanks for replies; these put flesh on the bones as it were! I know a little about John Brown's importance and career, because I researched and wrote a short biography of him for the forthcoming Dictionary of Irish Biography, but at that time I didn't think he was related. However, I am now trying to fit my gt gt gt gf into the Browns of Trinaltinagh; John Brown is said to have been the sixth son; the list in the Visitation lists him as the 5th son, but there is space for a missing son, and my Robert's birthdate fits ok. Another brother of Johns. William, was a militia officer and I think my Robert may have been in either the militia or the army, which is an interesting link. (At least to be honest, i can't find it in my notes, but I am sure I heard from someone or read somewhere that he was a captain, before he came home to manage the farm at Bovagh for the Beresfords)

I may be related to Hamilton Brown Wilson through the Wilsons as well- I haven't sorted them out either. Thanks for the note re the townland of his birth; I hadn't got that. Fasti I think just says Garvagh.

All interesting! Thanks to all


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