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Re: [Bann Valley] Brown of Trinaltinagh, Garvagh


I am watching this thread with interest. As some of you know, 
my 'Henderson family' come from Ballyagan, close to Garvagh, Co. 
Londonderry. Thomas Henderson who lived there from the mid 1800's had 
several children. One was my Great Grandfather - Dr. Robert Wilson 
Henderson. One of his brothers was Rev. Hamilton Brown Henderson. My 
Grandfather was called Hamilton Brown Lord Henderson. I realise that 
to have these surnames incorporated into the Henderson name, there 
must have been some very close connections indeed by way of marriage. 
I ma guessing here at that, but would like to 'be put straight' on 

I am also aware that when families who left Scotland and moved to 
Ulster in the 1600's, may have moved in 'groups' - as in - when the 
Hendersons left Scotland, they may have travelled with 'Browns', 
Wilson's, Hamilton's etc? 

Has anyone found a 'Henderson connection' in relation to these names?

Many thanks

Bill Henderson

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