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Re: [Bann Valley] 1911 Census

I was glad to see the Co. Londonderry info online at last. Census information is always thought provoking. I don't know much about my Kirkpatrick family; I had found a marriage between William K. ) and a Margaret Patterson in 1855; could be my great great great grandparents., but no proof, because it was in Coleraine Registry Office, rather than in the expected Presbyterian church; I filed that piece of info for further checking. Today I found in the 1911 census a Mary Kirkpatrick who is almost certainly my great great aunt, (right age, right place) and living with her an 80 year old "lodger" Mary Patterson. Mary Patterson COULD very well be her aunt, Margaret Patterson's sister; why the dickens does the census not say "aunt"?

And why are they listed as Reformed Presbyterian? Mary's brother and all other known relatives are ordinary Presbyterian. Not really crucial, just curious why she went off on her own. The nearest church was probably the RP at Ballylagan; likely enough that she would go to the nearest. However, she was an unmarried mother; were the RPs more accepting? That seems a bit unlikely.
More questions than answers!

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