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[Bann Valley] Types of Presbyterians

Regarding your discussion of different types of Presbyterian Churches in the
1911 census:
Here in the USA 2009 we have the northern Presbyterian Church which is more
liberal, and the southern Presbyterian Church, which is more conservative.
Not sure of the official names, but the split was from our Civil War 1862.
My Northern Irish ancestors went to Glasgow Scotland in 1845 to escape the
Potato Famine and attended the official Scottish Presbyterian Church. Then
they all came to Pennsylvania USA in 1872 and were northern Presbyterians
there.  Please help me understand the older versions in Ireland. I am still
looking for my ancestors there and not finding them, and I really do not
know what type of religion they had.  My Stratton male ancestors may have
been from Belfast cotton mills -- Newtownards, Down.  Thomas Stratton
married a Gortnamoyagh, Derry, Ireland woman--Ester Dobbins--I assume at
First Garvagh Presbyterian Church, Errigle Parish.  After Ester died in
Glasgow, he returned and remarried at that same church.  I did not see any
Strattons baptized there, so I am thinking they may have been another
religion, or lived in some other county--Down, probably.
My Northern Irish Shields ancestors from Donegal County before 1846 were
Covenanters.  What are the difference among Covenanters, reformed
Presbyterian, regular Presbyterians and also non-conforming Presbyterians in
the early 1800's?  Where would I find a list of the names & places of the
Covenanter churches? Thanks, Anne

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