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[Bann Valley] Tracing land ownership in Ballyscullion West (townland)

Does anyone have any experience tracing land ownership in Ballyscullion West, near Bellaghy? I have people who owned land there and in Ballymacombs. I've had no trouble (mostly) tracing the Ballymacombs land, but have not been able to find memorials in the Registry of Deeds tracing the Ballyscullion West land. 

Griffith's shows the landowner as Henry S. B. Bruce, and I've seen the the marriage articles for him (before abt. 1830?) and a reference in the Registry of Deeds index for a large land transfer from father to son at about that time. But I've not seen any individual deeds/lease renewals for individuals before the 1840s in Ballyscullion West, despite rather lengthy searches in the names index and townlands indexes from 1708 through 1870.

~Linda S.

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