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[Bann Valley] New Subscriber - Jim McKay

Hello All
Am a new subscriber to Bann Valley @ Torrens. Came across the Bann Valley site after finding some family relations, namely my great great grandparents, Robert and Sarah Jane McCay/ McKay and there children.
I am descended from their son John McKay, who immigrated to New Zealand. He married Francis Harriet Stark. Interestingly John named his children after his own siblings. I would be interested if any one has any information on Robert or Sarah Jane (d/o of Alexander McCay, Lislea), or his siblings (Margaret Jane, Unknwon male, Mary, William James, ?Alexander).
We live in Christchurch, which is in the South Island, New Zealand. If anyone has any NZ queries, am more than happy to be of assistance if I can.
Kind regards
James (Jim) McKay,
son of Derek Graeme McKay & Caroline Ethel Tolmie
son of John Robert McKay & Jean Ellen Manley
son of William James McKay & Alice Maud Hall
son of John McKay & Frances Harriey Stark
son of Robert and Sarah McKay/ McCay
FN:Sarah McKay Research