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[Bann Valley] Pollock, Boggs, McNeill, Sloan, Armstrong, Irwin

I have been a lurker for some years, but have rarely posted.  However, I am
planning a visit to Ireland in April 2010, so the time has come to get down
to business.


Robert Pollock from Drumoolish emigrated to Australia in 1863.  I am keen to
expand my knowledge of his family and possibly visit locations of relevance.
In Australia, his son married Elizabeth Boggs, daughter of Samuel Boggs and
Mary Matilda Stewart of Drumnacannon.

When Elizabeth arrived in Australia in 1907, she stayed in Sydney with the
McNeill family, descended from John McNeill who was born in Kilrea and whose
parents were possibly from Eden or Moynock.

John was the son of Abraham McNeill and Mary Armstrong, and he emigrated to
Australia in 1853, where he married Esther Sloan, daughter of Thomas
Sloan(?Moneygran) and Margaret Irwin(Lisnagrot).

I am also keen to clarify the relationship between Abraham and Thomas
McNeill who are buried in adjoining plots in Kilrea Church of Ireland.  I
believe Thomas is related to the Snipe and Burnside families.


My husband is Robert Pollock's Great Grandson, and I am Abraham McNeill's
GGG grand-daughter, and we are particularly interested in identifying and
links between these two families..  

We will be in Ireland for about 6 days and will be based in Randalstown.


I would be most grateful for any information on any of these families,
their ancestors and descendants and guidance about how I can get a feeling
for the area in which they lived.


I hope someone may have some information that will expand my knowledge.  I
am happy to share any information I have.

All the best

Rosemary Pollock