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[Bann Valley] Tamlaght O'Crilly

Hi folks, the recent interest in Churchtown prompts me to enquire if anyone has information on the Thomas Williamson-Agnes Stafford wedding in the 1830’s, parents, witnesses or location. 

I am also interested in details of the birth of Ann Hill, c 1820, daughter of Robert Hill (Veterinary Surgeon) and Mary Glover. This information was taken from her death certificate, registered by her daughter Deborah Lafferty Williamson in 1890, in Greenock.  

The Townlands of Drumnacanon, Killymuck Glebe, Drumard and Dunglady, are noted in the records I hold for the extended family of my Great grandfather William Williamson, 1839-1910. Any suggestions for further search including the certification of a Vet. in 1820 would be appreciated.

Bill Williamson

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