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RE: [Bann Valley] Kennedy


Like a dog with a bone, I could not let this one go.

I assumed that you had checked the Bann Valley website since you posted on
it and maybe you have and already know that your great grandfather married
in Moneydig Presbyterian Church.  This is the entry from the website:
KENNEDY Church	29/11/1855	f-b-f	Caheny	Alexander	f
TORRENS Martha	18-s 	Culnaman	Hugh	f	Thomas Torrans
Alexander Kennedy	P24 #48

Samuel does not appear to have married there but this is probably him
witnessing a marriage there:
Torrens David S	03/09/1896	f-b-f	Cooleyman	David	f	Hogg
Margaret 	f-s-na	Cooleyman	James	f	Samuel Kennedy
Jane Kennedy	P14 #27

No sign of Church in the transcriptions of the gravestones at Moneydig but
the grave of Alexander and his wife, Anne, who lived at Cullyramer in 1901
and their son, James, is there:
(In the same fenced plot as James Kennedy of Coolegrammer) 
Erected to the memory of 
Hugh Torrens Kennedy 
Late of Sunderland 
Born 25th July 1849 
Died 28th November 1876 
Also his sister - Eliza 
Born 6th August 1840 
Died 15 March 1865 
And their Father 
Alexander Kennedy 
Died 24th June 1894 
Age 78 years (born 1816) 
And their mother 
Anne Kennedy 
Died 18th May 1903 
Aged 86 years (born 1817) 
Also their sister 
Catherine McCahon 
Died 15th Novmeber 1921 
Aged 68 years (born 1853, see 79) 
Also their brother James 
Died 14th June 1923 
Aged 80 years (born 1843)

Erected in memory of 
James Kennedy 
Late of Coolegrammer 
Who departed this life July the 5th, 1845 
Aged 75 years (born 1770) 
Also his wife Catherine 
Who died 17 July 1857 
Aged 85 years (born 1772)

Boyd Gray




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