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[Bann Valley] Kennedy

Hi Boyd,

Many Many thanks for the instant responce to my query. I have checked out the URL's you have given and have skittled the VISA balance buying "looks" and copies of various Birth Marriage and Death records, also a long certificate of G-Father SAMUEL Kennedy's marriage and birth. I also looked at the ALEXANDER Kennedy Will on PRONI and think rather than Father he may well be a brother given the details re children names, and marriages of some, after his death. I realise that this Will was written in 1893 only a year before he died and if my CHURCH was a son and had died previous to the will being written that his name would not be included however in looking at the LDS records using GENUKI for specific parish access and also via LDS direct for a broader search I find that Church Kennedy and Martha Torrens have seven children birth / baptisims recorded. {Brilliant I am building the tree,} this would in theory place both ALEXANDER and CHURCH's children around the same age so I will "Assume" I hate doing this without proof!! that they are brothers  - or even cousins? rather than father and son. Will keep you up todate when I have another look tomorrow night at the other sites you have suggested. Many thanks again for getting me enthused again, much midnight oil will be consumed in the next few weeks by me

Kind Regards


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