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Re: [Bann Valley] Mercers' Company: Rent roll for 1714

On 2011-05-21, at 4:09 PM, Al Luce wrote:

> I have purchased a copy of MIC225/2, the roll with the 1714 reference. The following is my summary from my review of the film in 2001.
> ....

Dear Al:

Thank you very much for this synopsis. I can appreciate how disappointing it must have been to learn that the data were limited to the lessees.  Like you, I had hoped to determine whether our ancestors were tenants on the estate at that early date of 1714 and, if not that early, then at what time after that date.

In various histories, I have read that the Mercers estate was largely neglected and the tenants run to proverbial "rack and ruin." Your summary reinforces that assessment, and this is valuable information.

Thanks again, for going to the trouble, not only of purchasing the microfilm, but of sharing your synopsis.



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