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Re: [Bann Valley] Kennedy

Colin, Ive only had time now to reply to your posting, Like Linde Im a little sketchy on the Torrens and Kennedy famillies after many years that Ive done extensive work on them its been so long since Ive done any Genealogy at all.

Church Kennedy Married 16 Oct 1855 Moneydig Presbyterian) Martha Torrens, daughter of Hugh Torrens (Coolneman and Drumsara line) and Margaret Torrens,
They had the following children.
1. A daughter who married O"Kane from Garvagh.
2. A Daughter, no information on her, ( just sketchy word of mouth from Old people)
3. Hugh Torrens Kennedy
4. Samuel Kennedy (born 21 Oct 1870)
5. Jemima Kennedy (23 Aug 1875) Address at time of birth was Cullyrammer
6. Margaret Ann Kennedy  (died in 1899 Dublin)

I have more information on this Hugh Torrens family of Drumsara if you want, Im sure much of it is on the webpage. I know a lady who has worked on the Church family from around Garvagh, Kilrea areas if you need her contact details, she is a fellow member of the Coleraine Family History Society along with her husband Graham Kane.

Meantime thats all I can do at this moment but hope it helps.



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