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[Bann Valley] Carsonites: a place? a group?

Here is my opinion, although I have not heard of "Carsonites" before.
Alexander Carson was ordained as a Presbyterian minister in Tobermore on 11
December 1798, but he resigned in July 1805.  He later organised an
independent Church which later became a Baptist congregation.  There was a
controversy in Tobermore then about who owned the Presbyterian
Meeting-house. This entailed a long and expensive lawsuit before the
Presbyterian Synod established their right to it.
I can only conclude that "Carsonites" were followers of Alexander Carson who
broke with the Presbyterian Church.   I would guess that Tobermore is about
15 miles from Kilrea.
The Presbyterian historian, Prof WD Killen, describes Carson as "a minister
of great ability and a distinguished controversial writer; but not
withstanding his new views made little progress in the countryside."
The Baptist Church today in Tobermore is known as The Carson Memorial
Baptist Church.
I look forward to someone else confirming or correcting  this definition of
I hope this helps.

Revd Dr J Isaac Thompson
Cookstown, Co Tyrone

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