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Re: [Bann Valley] Carsonites: a place? a group?

On 2011-06-11, at 2:18 PM, Dr J I Thompson wrote:

> Here is my opinion, although I have not heard of "Carsonites" before.
> Alexander Carson was ordained as a Presbyterian minister in Tobermore on 11 December 1798, but he resigned in July 1805.  He later organised an independent Church which later became a Baptist congregation.  There was a controversy in Tobermore then about who owned the Presbyterian Meeting-house. This entailed a long and expensive lawsuit before the Presbyterian Synod established their right to it.
> I can only conclude that "Carsonites" were followers of Alexander Carson who broke with the Presbyterian Church.   I would guess that Tobermore is about 15 miles from Kilrea.
> The Presbyterian historian, Prof WD Killen, describes Carson as "a minister of great ability and a distinguished controversial writer; but not withstanding his new views made little progress in the countryside."
> The Baptist Church today in Tobermore is known as The Carson Memorial Baptist Church.
> I look forward to someone else confirming or correcting  this definition of "Carsonsite".
> I hope this helps.

Dear Rev Dr Thompson:

This information is very interesting, thank you, and this history does seem to provide some perspective to Rev Mr Rodgers' use of the word, "Carsonites," in the church record.

... writing from Nova Scotia.
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