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[Bann Valley] Re: Gowanda,NY Torrances

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> I live in Gowanda, NY and am on the Board of Pine Hill Cemetery where
> Jared Sydney Torrance is buriied  as are several of his relatives and
> ancestors. I would be glad to furnish information from headstones and
> pictures of them. While my name is also Torrance, I trace might line to
> Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Scotland in th elate 1700's and early 1800's.
> Five brothers (Thomas, John, William*, James and Benjamin) came to
> Canada in the early 1800's. While their mother also came to Canada, I
> have not found any records of death of the five brother's father other
> than the reference in "Torrence and Allied Families"

This might have been better sent to the Torrens list, so I'm cc'ing it

However it is highly likely that many of the Bann families can=me from the
same area of Scotland, south of Glasgow. It's pretty certain my own line
did,, though we cannot document that!

I never did put up the tree of the Larkhall line. Have now!

A quick search revealed a couple of other sites that connect with this

There are probably members of the Torrens list who would appreciate
gravestone information: suggest you contact me off list.

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