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RE: [Bann Valley] Look-up for Schools

Hi Kyle

My GGGG was Robert Irwin and GGG Margaret Irwin who married Thomas Sloan in
Kilrea in 1825.

Their children were Robert, Esther, James and Thomas.  I assume they would
have attended school in Kilrea.  Time period would be 1825-1835

Esther ultimately emigrated to Australia where she married John McNeill
whose family was from the same area in Ireland.  His parents Abraham McNeill
and Mary Armstrong are buried in the Kilrea Church of Ireland.

He had siblings James, Thomas, Eliza, Margaret, Archibald and Joseph that I
know of.  Births between 1825 and 1836

My husband is descended from Pollocks of Tamlaght O'Crilly and Boggs of
Drumnacannon.  His grandmother Elizabeth Boggs was born in Kilrea in 1888


I live in Australia but visited the area last year.

Would be most grateful to find out if there are any links to your family or
if by any chance you come across any of these in your visit to PRONI.

All the best

Rosie Pollock


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