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[Bann Valley] apologies to list

I sent a reply via webmail.  (Traveling) Deleted extra info at end of post and everything.  I thought it was going plain text--but I see I have no way to control that when I use webmail. I don't know how the carefully deleted materials got back into the mail I sent--but they did.

BTW, here's what I sent--taken from my sent mail folder:

Thanks, Kyle. That's a generous offer.

I'm looking for McConnells.  I have Robert b 1834, James b. 1840, William b. 1841.  Also Alexander b 1844, but the family supposedly was in Canada for the birth of the youngest in 1848--although I can't find Canadian records until the 1860 census. Father was Alexander, so possibly an older child might have had that name and died?  Mother was Elizabeth Jane Workman.  Any school records would probably have been 1840-1850.


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...PRONI ...chool registers for 1800's for Kilrea and Lislea...

Not sure what happened--I'll gripe to the ISP when I get home.

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