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[Bann Valley] Re: Look-up for Schools

In article <20110821154416.GZX18075@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   <pok@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi all

> From the data I collected Kilrea School dates from about 1870s & Lislea
> school from about 1860s. I have just sent some extracted lists to Bann
> Valley website - names like Irwin, Sloan, Burnside, McKay, Campbell etc.

> Hope they are some use to someone- I do have some more but getting them
> into the computer seems to be a task I keep avoiding. Kyle you might be
> able to add to the lists! 

> Cheers Pauline O'Keeffe 

I have now processed Pauline's lists and they are on the main part of the


Thanks to Pauline.

Recently such records have been scarce - I'm getting a bit out of practise!

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