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[Bann Valley] Re: Washington Smith and Washington Smith Pollock

Hello Listers

On going through the Bann Valley archives I came across a listing with regard to
the above.  This listing is dated 2007 and was posted by William Scott. I must
have missed it at the time.

I am descended from Rev John Smith (b abt 1793 died 1821) married Charlotte
Heyland Galt (b abt 1793 died 1821). They had three children including a son,
Washington Smith ( b 1810 died 1860) who married Jane Johnston (b 1816 died 1889)
and they had a son Washington Smith (b 1840 died 1914).

Washington Smith (b 1840 died 1914) I believe was a medical practitioner in the
Kilrea area.

Rev John Smith was somewhat of a firebrand and belonged to one of those
dissenting  Presbyterian churches. He took part in the 1798 rebellion and was
arrested and imprisoned for sedition in Carrickfergus Castle for a period of two
years. He was going to be transported to Australia. But for some reason the
authorities decided not to continue with the charges and he was released.

I wonder, if because of Rev Smith's views of the British, he named his son
Washington after George Washington who led the USA to defeat the British in the
War of Independence and became the first president of the USA.

I do not know anything about John Smith's ancestry. I believe his father's name
was William Smith and he came from Moneymore, Artrea.  I do not know if John
Smith had any brothers or sisters.  So I am interested in Isabella Smith who
married Robert Pollock. I wonder if she was a sister of John Smith.

Kind regards
CJ Morgan

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