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[Bann Valley] Look-up for Schools

Hi Boyd,
Following this notice on the site I got a mail from Richard saying that since there was so much interest I should  try to put the complete record on the site; so I went to PRONI and got all the National School records for Kilrea Boys, Kilrea Girls, Lislea Boys & Lislea girls registers and noted all the records and transcribed these into 4 excel files using the register number to list all students. (there are a few errors in the school registers and they are in no logical order that I can see).  I sent these all to Richard over one month ago but he is now arguing about inserting these.  This is the second time I have spent time and sent records to him only to have him argue over the  matter. It is certainly not encouraging to anyone to submit anything. Pity since this was an excellent site, one of the best in my opinion. I have got so much from it, I try to put something back. 
I was also a little worried about the legality of copying all the records onto a public site since there is a note on the copy sheet from Proni warning against reproduction of records, but Richard stated that what we were doing was okay.  I know you have a site on the internet - what are your views on this? 
I am also thinking of sending a copy of my excel files to all those who responded to my email - any opinion on this?
As for the records, the book starts in 1872 but contains records for approx 6 years before this date  so there must have been some previous records.  There were a couple of entries that were difficult to read, some had odd spelling which I reproduced as per the original but having tried reading church records the writing was in general, excellent, a great example of how people were taught to write in days gone by.  
Would you like to have a copy of these .xls files?  


> From: boydgray26@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Boyd> Hi Kyle,
> I would ask you to look for my mother's people, the Gordons of the Meen in
> Lislea, except for the fact that every other family in Lislea was called
> Gordon.
> What might be useful however, would be an idea of just how far back the
> records go because I recall from about twelve years ago that they do not go
> back beyond the mid 1880s. If they are older than that, please let me know
> and I will go and look at them in PRONI myself.
> Regards,
> Boyd Gray