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[Bann Valley] Descendants of Paul and Isabelle Boyd of Aghadowey

I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in this -- there is a very limited reference to the Torrens family -- descendants of Nancy Torrens who married Alexander Mitchell, in about 1860.  However, a number of other families from the Bann Valley are mentioned --Shirley, Campbell, Mitchell, Knox, Gilmore, Forsythe and more.  The first chapter could be better written by someone in the Aghadowey area, but it's more than we Yanks knew previously. If you would like info on these 2,000 plus known descendants you can email me.  You don't need to buy the book.  Just thought someone might tie into some of these families and be interested in what happened to the folks who moved across the ocean.

"Orr, Campbell, Mitchell, and Shirley Families in Ireland and America" has just been published through Create Space.  This 151 page book has a detailed index with almost 2,500 listings, so you can find your family and some key locations quickly.  The book is 8.5 by 11 inches, paperback, and sells for $11.99.  There are a number of photographs and a great deal of biographical information on our older ancestors.


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