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[Bann Valley] Newbie and questioning Kilrea grave date

G'day all

I believe I am a descendent of one of the Graham families of Kilrea, in particular James Graham and Mary Woods of Moneysallin.  I'm from Brisbane Australia.

I've been relying on the Torrens website for much of my information but have just come up against my first question mark.

I think the year of death for James Graham shown in the first source (1896) is wrong (possible transcription error) primarily because the same James Graham appears in the 1901 Census (shown below).  Circumstantial evidence to support this hypothesis is the order of the
 names on the gravestone does not appear to be in the order I would expect given the dates shown for deaths.


Source http://www.torrens.org.uk/Genealogy/BannValley/church/KilreaP1/graveyard.html
Kilrea First Presbyterian Church Records 
Gravestone Inscriptions

Kilrea First Presbyterian Church 
Church Street 

List gathered on 4th August 2004 by Helen Evans and Pauline O‘Keeffe.

Erected by JAMES J GRAHAM in loving memory of his mother 
MARY GRAHAM died 23rd Feby 1902 
His father JAMES GRAHAM died 12th March 1896 
Also his wife ANNIE GRAHAM died 28th April 1938 
Also the above mentioned JAMES J GRAHAM died 29th May 1954



Other source http://www.census.nationalarchives.ie/pages/1901/Londonderry/Tamlaght/Moneysallin/1521490/

 Census Years 1901 Londonderry Tamlaght Moneysallin

Residents of a house
 28 in Moneysallin (Tamlaght, Londonderry)
Surname    Forename    Age    Sex    Relation to head    Religion
Graham    James    73    Male    Head of Family    Presbyterian
Graham    Mary    72    Female    Wife    Presbyterian
Graham    Ellen    35    Female    Daughter    Presbyterian
Graham    Jas Jno    30    Male    Son    Presbyterian



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