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[Bann Valley] Re: Newbie and questioning Kilrea grave date

In article <1321416010.6812.YahooMailNeo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Stephen of Kilrea <step4joy2000-graham@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I think the year of death for James Graham shown in the first source
>  (1896) is wrong (possible transcription error) primarily because the
>  same James Graham appears in the 1901 Census (shown below).
>  Circumstantial evidence to support this hypothesis is the order of the
>  names on the gravestone does not appear to be in the order I would
>  expect given the dates shown for deaths.

Wrong dates on gravestones are not unknown!

Robert Jameson Torrens
Born 10th Feb 1853 died 7th Augt 1886
Buried in Bellefontaine St Louis, U.S.A

But we know his son was left at the tender age of 19 to bring up his
siblings. So that date nust have ben 1896, bot 1886!

Another source has the date as 1916!

One day I may get round to visiting te grave in St Louis - he is my
g.gfather! Died of sunstroke, result of being drunk out of his mind!

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