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Re: [Bann Valley] Newbie and questioning Kilrea grave date

Hi Stephen,

Well as Richard says, transcription errors DO occur as DO errors on grave information. One of the things that you need to remember is that for the most part, people one hundred plus years ago only erected gravestones WHEN they could afford to do so (and some people never had the money to do that, which makes things harder for their descendents). So, you can have the situation where perhaps 50 years or more passes before they get around to erecting a gravestone.. so naturally human memory being what it is, sometimes the year is wrong, sometimes the day.. these things happen (and more frequently that perhaps is realised).

In this case, I'm afraid human error is to blame (that's a figure of speech, not meaning to 'blame' anyone, of course!). The original transcrition was a wonderful work, but a small error occured, which is quite understandable given the large number of gravestones transcribed and the particular condition of this stone and the fact you have lead lettering on a dark stone.

The grave should actually read:

Erected by JAMES J GRAHAM in loving memory of his mother 
MARY GRAHAM died 23rd Feby 1902. 
His father JAMES GRAHAM 
Died 12th March 1902.
And his brother THOMAS,
Died 12th Oct. 1896.
Also his wife ANNIE GRAHAM died 28th Sept. 1938. 
Also the above mentioned JAMES J. GRAHAM 
Died 29th May 1954. 

I hope this helps!


Denver Boyd

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