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RE: [Bann Valley] Re: Newbie and questioning Kilrea grave date

The gravestone at Moneydig Presbyterian Church actually gives his date of death as 1896 not 1886.

> www.torrens.org.uk/Genealogy/BannValley/church/Moneydig/graves.html#072
> lists 
> Robert Jameson Torrens 
> Born 10th Feb 1853 died 7th Augt 1886 
> Buried in Bellefontaine St Louis, U.S.A 
> But we know his son was left at the tender age of 19 to bring up his
> siblings. So that date nust have ben 1896, bot 1886!
> Another source has the date as 1916!
> One day I may get round to visiting te grave in St Louis - he is my
> g.gfather! Died of sunstroke, result of being drunk out of his mind!