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Re: [Bann Valley] Newbie and questioning Kilrea grave date

Quoting Stephen of Kilrea <step4joy2000-graham@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> G'day all
> I believe I am a descendent of one of the Graham families of Kilrea, in
> particular James Graham and Mary Woods of Moneysallin.  I'm from
> Brisbane Australia.
> I've been relying on the Torrens website for much of my information but
> have just come up against my first question mark.
> I think the year of death for James Graham shown in the first source
> (1896) is wrong (possible transcription error) primarily because the
> same James Graham appears in the 1901 Census (shown below). 
> Circumstantial evidence to support this hypothesis is the order of the
>  names on the gravestone does not appear to be in the order I would
> expect given the dates shown for deaths.

Hi there Stephen

There is a useful cross check you can use for death dates in Ireland from 1864 onwards, if you are 
unsure of the accuracy of gravestone data. At the LDS family history site
www. familysearch.org
the index to Irish Civil Registration deaths is available.  The database is called "Ireland Civil Registration 
Indexes 1845-1958". You can search over a given date range, and a death near Kilrea should be 
registered either in the Coleraine or Ballymoney district. A check of this index can confirm the year of 
death and sometimes the quarter registered, but won't of course give the exact death date.  

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