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[Bann Valley] changing ages-James Graham of Beagh Spiritual (Maghera, Londonderry)

I've just come across an interesting pair of entries in the census for 1901 and 1911 for a Mr James Graham of Beagh (Maghera, Londonderry) and his children.

I'm pretty sure that it is the same family for both households but their stated ages vary wildly! The Census is 10 years apart - father James adds 14 years (gaining 4), son James adds 9 years (losing 1year) and daughter Annie adds only 6 years (losing 4 years of age!)  

I'll give you the census data and the links so if you're interested you can check it out for yourselves.


    * Census Years
    * 1901
    * Londonderry
    * Maghera
    * Beagh Spiritual
    * Residents of a house
Residents of a house 14 in Beagh Spiritual (Maghera, Londonderry)
Surname    Forename    Age    Sex    Relation to head    Religion
Graham     James         60     Male     Head of Family Presbyterean 
Graham     James         35     Male     Son                 Presbyterean 
Graham     Annie          24     Female  Daughter         Presbyterean 


Page 2 of this original shows they live in Beagh Spiritual

    * Census Years
    * 1911
    * Londonderry
    * Maghera
    * Beagh
    * Residents of a house
Residents of a house 8 in Beagh (Maghera, Londonderry)
Surname    Forename    Age    Sex    Relation to head    Religion        Years Married    Children Born    Children Living
Graham     James         74     Male     Head of Family Presbyterian             25                8                    3
Graham     James         44     Male     Son                 Presbyterian 
Graham     Annie          30     Female  Daughter         Presbyterian 


Other probable background to this family.

James Graham of Curragh/Beagh Spiritual/ ?Slaghtybogy

Date of Baptism     Name of Child     Date of Birth     Father's Name     Mother's Name     Residence
136      7 Apr 1840     James Graham     29 Dec 1839     James Graham     Mary     Curragh      

marriage of James b.c.1837  to Margaret b.c.1837

82    21 Jan 1857    
James Graham    20    Bachelor    Weaver    Curragh    William Graham    Farmer    James Hyndman    Page 41     
Margaret Kelso    20    Spinster    none    Beagh    John Kelso    Farmer    John Wilson

His wife came from Beagh and the next door residence to James Graham in 1901 contained a Kelso family

some possible children from IGI (Margarets last name spelt differently each time)
JOHN GRAHAM Birth:  20 DEC 1865   0339, Maghera, Londonderry, Ireland

WILLIAM GRAHAM    Birth:  12 JUN 1868   , Londonderry, Ireland

Hugh Graham    Birth:  15 OCT 1873   , Londonderry, Ireland

Possible death for James
name:James Graham 
registration district:Ballymoney 
event type:DEATHS 
registration quarter and year:Apr - Jun 1917 
estimated birth year:1837 
age (at death):80 
volume number:1 
page number:81 
digital folder number:4201711 

could find possible death of Margaret Graham about 1857+25 = 1882 +/- 5yrs


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