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[Bann Valley] Re: Newbie and questioning Kilrea grave date

In article <1321532033.71295.YahooMailNeo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Stephen of Kilrea <step4joy2000-graham@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> And it is such a blessing to have wonderful people go to the effort
> of transcribing graves in a cemetery on the off chance that someone on
> the other side of the globe may just be trying to find the whereabouts
> of his ancestors.

The work of presenting the final records on the www site is certainly very
minor compared with the hours spent in the graveyard transcribing all
stones! Some are totally unreadable and many take much squinting and
viewing from different angles. It's not surprising if part of a stone gets

So anyone using gravestone records should always check them against other
sources and not take them as definitive.

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