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[Bann Valley] William Kennedy Torrens

Hi List,

In transcribing my 4 tea chests full of 30 years of paper New Zealand Kennedy Infomation onto a Gen programme I came across the following which may be of interest.

William Kennedy TORRENS Died 12 Oct 1915 Christchurch New Zealand: Buried 13 Oct 1915 at Sydenham Cemetery Christchurch New Zealand: He was aged 37 and place of Birth is given as Londonderry Ireland: His Wife Annie Mary (Maiden name Unknown) then re-married a John Churchill Crocket: 1916:

2/- {Son of the above ? }
James TORRENS Died 22 Jan 1998 Christchurch New Zealand: Buried 26 Jan 1998 Ruru Cemetery Christchurch New Zealand: He was aged 88 and place of birth is given as Londonderry Ireland: He married in New Zealand an Ursula FARRAR in 1935: She died 17 Feb 1971 in Christchurch New Zealand: She was Buried on the 19 Feb 1977 also at Ruru Cemetery Christchurch: Same Plot and Row Number which indicates under /over in the one plot: 

As an addition a TORRENS researcher in NZ has noted that William and Annie Mary TORRENS arrived Christchurch New Zealand married. 

Hope the above helps a Torrens Researcher


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