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[Bann Valley] Young of Garvagh area

I am researching my Young family from Killeyvally/Ballinameen. They attended the 1st and 2nd Presbyterian churches in Garvagh.

John YOUNG said to have been born 12 July 1861 Killyvally
George YOUNG b 1863
Robert YOUNG bp 10 April 1867
These three were brothers who came to New Zealand about 1884. 
George returned to Garvagh and died there 5 February 1916 (u/m), the others remained here. Other siblings were Jane b c1847, Annie 1853-1931(u/m) John 1856(died young)Mary 1857, William 1859-1871, Mary 1865-1917, Thomas 1868-1929 (I think he married Mary Jane MILLAR and had son Thomas)

Their parents were Robert YOUNG bp 5 July 1822 1st Presb. Ch, Garvagh, of Killyvalley, and Agnes (Nancy) STEWART bc1823 of Gortfad.

Most of the info has come from a memorial headstone in the 2nd Pres. Church (Main Street) in Garvagh.

The parents of Robert were (I think) George and Jane.

The parents of Agnes (Nancy) STEWART were John STEWART and Nancy WELLS, who were also buried in the 2ns Pres. Church graveyard.

I understand that Jane b 1847 married someone the family didn't approve of, and they lost contact. 

Any help/furtheer information much appreciated.

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