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RE: [Bann Valley] Millen, Stephenson, Allen in Ballinrees

Hi Derek,

The records are available online at www.irishroots.ie but you need to know
how to use it to pay as little as possible to get the info you need which is
not easy unless you know how.

Here, for example, are three relevant baptisms in Second Dunboe:
Church Baptism	Millen	James	1879
Church Baptism	Millen	James Hastings	1885
Church Baptism	Millen	James	1887

I have two branches of my family with connections in Ballinrees.  My Finlays
married into Steens from Ballinrees and my Clements, itinerant farm
labourers, were in Ballinrees in 1865 when my great grandfather, Samuel
Steen Claments, was born in Ballinrees in 1865 but I suspect we did not
marry into your folks.  Unless you know different.


Boyd Gray




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Joan, 2nd Dunboe Presbyterian Church records are available in Colerain 
Library on Microfilm. Sadly I dont think there are any records online 
that Im aware of, But I can help you with your Millens and Allens as 
those two famillies are married into my Camerons of Ballinrees.

Send me a private email and I can send you some more info on them.

Best Wishes,


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