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RE: [Bann Valley] Millen, Stephenson, Allen in Ballinrees

Hi Joan,

Did you get the baptisms and marriages for the Millens which I sent you?

You search for something easy, such as any Millen as it is an unusual name, in the time period you are interested in, and get a few hits.

Then you pay 20 cents to look at the hits - name and date and whether church record or civil, and you click on the Ireland symbol to the right of any one of these.  It will give you a drop down menu of the churches, and also civil records.

You can no longer search with a blank Christian name so you need to use one from the list you got.

You can now choose only to look for records from one church, such as 2nd Dunboe, and you can search for all sorts of permutations and combinations but you always have to have a Christian name in that box.  But that is easy to guess.

There are also some wrinkles when guessing names - of parents for example.  You can do Christian names letter by letter so that you can guess what a name was.  You will not lose your hit unless you guess a wrong letter and then you go back a step.  I always try J first as John, Jane and James are such common names, or M for Margaret or Mary.  BUT, you can not do the same with surnames - you need the whole name and spelled right, or it will give you a no hit.

It is a lot of fun and you can get a huge amount of info without paying more than a few cents.  And then, you only pay the full €2.50 when you are sure it is someone you want - and you can pay and find the address and other data that might be there.  Well worth the money and cheaper than any other source.

Have a go, you will only learn by playing with it.

Boyd Gray




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Hi Boyd,
Thanks for responding to my query.
I tried rootsireland & got a lot of 'no records found'. I couldn't 
access the church records. How do I do that?

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