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[Bann Valley] Samuel and Annie Caldwell, Sconce Road, Articlave, 1911-1924

Hello BannValley,

My name is Brian Caldwell, first post, it has been quiet since I signed up pre-Christmas, but here goes.

I decided to make my parents a "family tree" as my parents age and as the memories seem to come more freely.

My family is heading down the road today to celebrate my fathers 75th. His name is James Mark Caldwell.

If any of you are up on the history of 1st Dunboe Pres., then you will recognize "James Mark" as the minister from 1924 and earlier. He gave my grandfather (William) a small "history of the church book" the day he left for Canada, (the day after he married my grandmother). It is signed by James Mark. My father has this book and a history of Dunboe, which I have yet to read.

Samuel and Annie were on Sconce Road in Articlave according notes in the book, and according to the 1911 census, and not too far away in Ballywildrick in 1901.

I have a few names of friends of William and have also spotted James L Caldwell married to Christina also in Articlave and speculate that he is a younger brother or relative of Samuel. I have yet to read a letter my dad has from his Aunt Annie on the passing of Annie Caldwell, I hope to see that today. There is also a Margaret Caldwell of Articlave who signed the Covenant in 1912.

Hoping that some of you are familiar with the Caldwell's of Articlave and Ballywidrick.


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