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Re: [Bann Valley] Samuel and Annie Caldwell, Sconce Road, Articlave, 1911-1924

I don't know anything about recent generations of Caldwells in Articlave but I have a list of stipend payers in the parish of dunboe in 1801, and there were a number of Caldwell, no townlands listed

these listed together
Wm Caldwell 4/4 an abbreviation which MIGHT be "pd"
Robt Caldwell 4/4 squiggle and line
Alex Caldwell 4/4 pd?
Jno Caldwell 3/3 pd?

Further on
Jno Caldwelll 3/3 pd? pd

Later Jno caldwell 7/7 pd?

Later in the list
Robt Caldwell 1/7

Later Jenet Caldwell 1/1 absent

Probably more confusing than helpful, but at least they were in the area!

Linde Lunney
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