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[Bann Valley] McKenna family in Kilrea in 1831 and 1858. Is it the same family in the same place?

I am researching the family of my late husband, who had a small holding in Kilrea from at least 1847 to 1912. In 1847, Henry McKenna and his wife Mary Anne had a daughter Isabella who was baptized in the R.C. chapel in Drumagarner. In 1850, another daughter, Maria, was baptized there. Records for Drumagarner start in 1846, so there is no record there, of the baptism of their son John,(my husband's grandfather), or of any other offspring. In 1867, John was married to Margaret Reilly in Drumagarner church. He was a stone -cutter as well as a farmer. Three of their sons became primary school teachers.

Henry McKenna is listed in Griffiths Valuation,(1858) with a 5 acre holding, number 35, on the valuation map. The early 20th century address was Old Row, and was on a former road behind the Church of Ireland church.(I have visited Kilrea and am familiar with the site.)  His descendants believe that Henry  may have come to Kilrea from Fallagloon, Maghera, sometime before 1847.

I have checked the 1831 census for Kilrea and have found a Margaret McKenna, under the following:
Record no. 21572, Kilrea, House No. 1, 'probably outside the town'. One family with one male and two females, As Margaret is the householder, I assume that the other female and the male are her children. But there is a problem. The family is listed as members of the Established Church. My family is R.C. There could be an error in the completion of the original form or in its transcription.
Before I attempt to resolve this, I should like to know if it possible to establish whether Record No.! in the 1831 census, and lot 35 in Griffiths valuation are one and the same site. Please can anybody help. I'd be most grateful.

Patricia McKenna


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