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[Bann Valley] Visit Killymuck/Tamlaght OCrilly area

Yes Bill. Hear, hear for Heathfield Farm and the owners, Heather and Gerald. (I'm proud to say they are members of my Irish Torrens family.)

Besides being great hosts, they are also a wonderful source for local and County family history information. A chance remark can bring up a wealth of knowledge, as it did for us and we were led to meet our Turner relatives. Until then we didn't realize that some of them were still in Garvagh. Great stuff!! Anyone else with Torrens/Turner connections?

We will keep asking the questions, do the name-dropping, connect the people. A lifetime of growing Family Trees.

Regards, Miriam Lehmann. (Australia)

On 25/05/2013 3:06 PM, Bill McNeary wrote
Bill McNeary

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