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[Bann Valley] Bed and breakfasts and Torrenses!

Bill McNeary; glad to see you are still contributing'; any progress on Wilsons? If I can figure out who the landlord was in the 18th century I can see if I can find any deeds involving Ballyagan in the Registry of Deeds here

Re B and Bs;  Greenfield House in Aghadowey; my first cousin's wife Rosemary Torrens helps run it now, I am sure it is really good, and Rosemary will give you a great welcome. Therer are lits of Torrenses in Aghadowey and surrounds, though I think the Heathfield folk may not be from Aghadowey originally? Anyway, Torrenses are definitely of interest to me!

best wishes 

Linde Lunney
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