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[Bann Valley] Workman Family

This is the little I know about this family.
My mother was Rita Bloomfield from Drumoolish being born in 1928 and she related to me today the following.
Issac Thompson Workman was born about 1877 and was married twice. He lived at a place called "The Cluster" which was in Drumoolish. He and his first wife had a number of children.
His second wife was a lady called Gourley from Bellaghy.. She became good friends with my Grandmother as they lived beside each other. There was one child from this marriage a girl called Lily. My mother was her bridesmaid! She put an ad in the newspaper to find a husband and a man came from Londonderry city on the bus to meet with her. (35 miles) He was called Robert Hargan (in?) and they eventually married.
My mother (now 85) remembers that she caught her veil on a rose bush and tore it on the morning of her wedding. email me ifyou have any questions.
Hope this helps.
Noel Sufferin

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