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[Bann Valley] Visit Killymuck/Tamlaght Ocrilly area

Hi folks,
Just got back from the Orkneys and interested in the debate on Killymuck and Tamlaght. My G-Grandmother Deborah Lafferty, Killymuck, married William Williamson, Drumnacanon in Churchtown in 1859 and I was pleased to see another Deborah in Debbie's e-mail. I've been trying for some time to follow th maternal line looking for the original Deborah - always pronounced "De Borah" thus producing Dora aunts and cousins and only one Debbie. So far I have Anne Hill and her mother Mary Glover whilst the Williamson line has Agnes Stafford of Dunglady.
Hopefully someone can point me to the townland where I'm likely to find the original Deborah.
Regards to all

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