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[Bann Valley] Re: Mailing list archives available

In article <526D9C3F.7020407@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Derek Torrens <sdtorrens@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello Richard and Linde, its good to see some life back on both Torrens 
> and Bann Valley lists, I too have done little Genealogy of late, dont 
> seem to have the same time anymore since Ive lost both parents and Farm 
> Work has taken over much of that spare time, but my interest is still 
> there in regards to Genealogy.
> Perhaps if these lists can take off again like old times, I will get 
> back into it somehow :-)

> Hope all is well with you and your family Richard ?? You still havnt 
> made it here for a vacation yet ??

> Derek.

The lists always have been irregular: someone new joins asks questions and
thee is a flurry of activity.

In the early days of course we were all new and all learning fast! Things
then were busy.

Of late, there have been few new members. In part that is because there is
so much more on the www so this is a relatively smaller corner. In part,
it is that the lists have not been seen by the search engines. That should
search change: it takes about 2 weeks for them to visit and process.

I am rather stuck at home at the moment. We are looking after my 89 yr old
father-in-law who is very frail and needs 24/7 presence. When he is no
longer - then we intend to start taking time out. The Bann is on our list!

I to have done little genealogy of late: mainly of course because mine is
one of the largest trees on the group and there is now no chance of
extending back in time. Extending it sideways looses interest when its
spread too far!

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